Anti-aging Part 2 - Botox, baby!

Want to curb those fine lines you notice have been sticking around? Or maybe you work outside and want to prevent crows feet from developing prematurely from squinting your eyes in the sun. Perhaps you’re into “prejuvenation” (prevention + rejuvenation) and simply want to preserve your youthful appearance. Botox might be your new BFF!


Botox is one of several neurotoxins (including Xeomin, Dysport) that are used to counter wrinkles. They are most effective on wrinkles that haven’t “set in” yet. Neurotoxins work by temporarily weakening the muscles' ability to contract. This, in turn, reduces the development and appearance of facial lines.


Botox is SAFE

  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) was the #1 minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed in 2017 with 7.2 million procedures

  • Botox has been shown to be safe for both short- and long-term use

  • Between 1989 and 2003, only 36 serious adverse effects associated with cosmetic use were reported (of note, 13 of the patients who experienced serious adverse effects had underlying medical conditions that may have contributed to the observed event)

  • 3% of patients experienced eyelid drooping in the frown lines studies

  • 1% of percent of patients experienced eyelid swelling in the crow's feet studies

  • 1% of patients experienced brow drooping in the forehead lines studies.


Botox is SIMPLE

  • A series of injections (roughly 3 to 5) are administered using a very fine needle into each of the targeted facial muscles in the areas you wish to address (frown lines, crows feet, forehead lines)

  • The actual administration of the neurotoxin takes less than 10 minutes

  • Some patients report that the injections feel like a little pinch



  • You may begin to notice results in 48 hours, but most Botox treatments take 10-14 days to see full effect.

  • The effects of Botox last between 4 to 6 months. At this time, muscle action slowly begins to return and lines will reappear. This is a great time for re-treatment.


Prevent signs of aging before they begin. Starting Botox earlier in life helps to maintain a more longstanding youthful appearance.  

Forehead and frown lines (glabellar lines) in female

Forehead and frown lines (glabellar lines) in female

Crow's feet

Crow's feet

Forehead and frown lines (glabellar lines) in male

Forehead and frown lines (glabellar lines) in male